Career Networking Effectively With Bipolar Disorder

A Step-By-Step Plan to Career Networking for People with Bipolar Disorder

Welcome to Career Networking Effectively with Bipolar Disorder

Learn how to meet the people who can help you find your dream career.

Are you an introvert? Do you get sweaty palms just thinking about talking to someone you've never met before? Would you rather hide inside your home than go out and meet someone new?

It's no surprise that speaking in public is the second greatest fear that most people have, right next to the fear of dying. And having to introduce yourself to someone you don't know can be just as painful for many people. After all, most of us were raised to fear strangers. And to not trust whom we don't know. So it's only natural that we all have hesitancy about actively seeking to meet new people.

Many people who have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder describe themselves as no longer being as outgoing or extroverted as they once were prior to their disorder expressing itself. This "lack of desire to socialize" is especially true during periods of depression. But just because meeting someone new may be difficult, it does not mean it isn't worthwhile or that it can't be done effectively. With a few tips and pointers, even on our worse days we can actively engage with people we don't know - in a safe and inviting way.

In this course, we will focus on the value that networking can play for people diagnosed with bipolar disorder so they can obtain - and maintain - a successful, long-term and fulfilling career. We will learn:

  • What networking is and is not
  • How to successfully overcome barriers to networking
  • When and where to network
  • How to effectively network
  • Who to network with
  • How to succeed in growing and maintaining a large network of professional connections
  • How to overcome your fears and stresses while networking

This course specifically looks at the hurdles that people diagnosed with bipolar disorder face when approaching networking. But the course teachings can be applied to all networking scenarios and are not specific to just the bipolar community.

Your Instructor

Steven Borg  -   Founder
Steven Borg - Founder

For 30+ years I was employed in a field that produced great stress in my life, but also provided financial rewards. I was considered to be on the top of my profession, and by any outsider's measure, I was successful. My career choice - while lucrative - did not fit my personal set of needs and wants. I was a fish who learned to successfully swim upstream - without any water. My career, however, forced me to learn the art of networking, and to utilize my networking skills to grow my career, income and eventually find stability in my career and life.

So I've been where you might be right now - scared that you will never have a happy, fulfilling and long-term career that can support you and/or your family. And you fear that you will be the cause of your career failure, once again. I felt I was wasting my life away.

Understanding oneself is the first step towards unlocking our happiness. Our goal at BPCA is to assist each of our clients in understanding themselves as employees, and understanding the work environments and careers that best suit their personal wants and needs. All with the goal of providing career longevity and satisfaction.

I am living proof that someone can have all they ever dreamed of in a career. I yearned for freedom, creativity, flexibility and a comfortable income to provide for my family's needs. I found what I needed to fulfill my dreams, and so can you!

Bachelor of Science, Siena College

"I was so scared to get back out there and meet new people. I was afraid to try to explain why I hadn't worked in such a long time. This course helped me to realize that I could do it if I had a plan. Thank you!"

- Sarah H.

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